Piezoelectric technology has become the treatment of choice for delicate surgical bone grafting procedures. Dr. Kohnen is using this innovative technology in lie of the “drill” to make extremely precise and very gentile, minimally invasive incisions into bone. The Piezotome essentially vibrates at a high frequency which does not effect or damage the soft tissue, leaving the delicate gum tissue and surrounding nerves unharmed while using sterile saline to cool the area and remodel the bone. This technology is the safest means in which to remove a tooth, hidden or damaged root tips from a previous extraction done elsewhere, to prepare bone grafts and sites for dental implants. Since it will not injure soft tissue such as gum and nerves, it is a wonderful minimally invasive option to tooth removal.

Dr. Kohnen utilizes advanced technology to make your dental surgery more effective and comfortable for you.


The piezosurgery system uses ultrasound waves to cut bone without damaging soft tissue. Whereas traditional method of bone-cutting, such as drills and burs, result in some tissue and bone loss regardless of the dentist’s precision, piezosurgery technology eliminates this risk. This means Dr. Kohnen is able to perform procedures such as tooth extraction, crown lengthening, ridge expansion, periodontal therapy, and implant site preparation with increased accuracy and minimal discomfort.

Benefits of Piezosurgery

  • Accuracy – Hard tissue is surrounding by soft tissue including arteries, nerves, and sinus membranes, In traditional surgery, there is great risk of the damaging this precious tissue, but with piezosurgery, the system is so accurate and specific to the surgery site that this risk is eliminated
  • Comfort – If you fear the trauma associated with drills and burs, piezosurgery eliminates this problems as well. The procedures completed with piezosurgery technology result in minimal bleeding and swelling, and reduced pain.
  • Healing Time – Healing time is accelerated when piezosurgery technology is used. Not only will you heal faster than with traditional surgery, but you will experience minimal post-operative pain or discomfort.
  • Safety – Piezosurgery techniques are extremely safe.

Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Dr. Kohnen is trained on the Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation surgical technique, and instant fix to gum recession with no cutting, no stitches, and no downtime – often done in a fraction of the time to traditional gum surgery with little to no pain. In 2014 Dr. Kohnen was among the first of board certified Periodontists to train with Dr. Chau in the Pinehole Surgical Techniques, also known as PST for a no cut, no stitches option for gum recession.