Let Post Oak Perio & Implant Center Improve your Smile with Affordable Care
A beautiful smile will make you feel like a million dollars, but it shouldn’t cost as much.  We know that many people will avoid scheduling an appointment because they will need expensive dental work.  However, this approach is counterproductive because early intervention and treatment is critical to limiting the necessity of costly procedures.  At Post Oak Perio & Implant Center, we have several payment options available to ensure that you get the care that you need:
  • Cash and personal checks
  • Major credit cards
  • Extended payment plans

Payment is due in full upon the date of service, though certain procedures, such as a dental implant surgery, require a substantial deposit with the appointment is scheduled.

Flexible financing options are available through:





We offer an advanced service to help you to get the most out of your insurance.  Ask our friendly staff about this service when you next visit us.
As a courtesy to our patients with dental and/or medical benefits plans, we will submit your claim forms, and all necessary information to your insurance company:
  • File your insurance claims
  • Process all follow-up insurance queries
  • Write letters of medical necessity
  • Resubmit lost claims
  • Submit info to your employer, union, etc, to help you implement a more adequate company dental plan
  • Offer Payment Option Plans
Insurance coverage varies, information outlining your individual benefits, such as whether your plan provides full or partial coverage for services, requires deductibles, or has annual maximum limits is available directly from your insurance company.
The main reason we don’t accept insurance is because as a medial professional, our obligation & fiduciary responsibility is to provide optimal dental and medical care.  In order to uphold these standards, we invest in the most state-of-the-art equipment, and attend advance training an educational seminars to obtain the highest skill level and hire the most seasoned and reliable staff.  Working within the confines of the insurance industries’ limited benefits and bureaucracy we would profoundly compromise the level of patient care.  Quite simply, it would be financially impossible for our doors to stay open as most insurance companies base their usual and customary fees on nationwide Medicare rates and our level of care is at the other end of the quality spectrum.
— Dr. Stephan Kohnen